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Saturday, October 23, 2010

S3fs Installation( To mount S3 bucket )

Note :   Your kernel version must support fuse module otherwise you have to update the kernel

yum update kernel-version   (2.6.18-194 and above version supports fuse module)
gcc is also needed to compiling the package.
yum install fuse dkms dkms-fuse
modprobe fuse
cd fuse-2.8.3
make clean
make install
tar -zxvf s3fs-r191-source.tar.gz
cd s3fs
for running make command  you need to install  libcurl which will be available by curl-version.tar.gz
configure the curl-version.tar.gz and then add the line in /etc/ as : /usr/local/lib
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/root/fuse-2.8.3:/root/s3fs (the install dir for fuse and s3fs) 

mkdir /tmp/s3fs
cd install-dir
 ./s3fs bucketname -o accessKeyId= -o secretAccessKey=  /tmp/s3fs
ls /tmp/s3fs/1000-thumb.jpg

You can refer to following link for more details-:

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